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How to Make Packing for Your Next Vacation Easy

Vacation is supposed to be relaxing and enjoyable, but sometimes it can be stressful when you start the packing process. If you are anything like me, you’d rather be over prepared (taking your whole closet with you) than not have enough. This becomes a problem because you end up having way to much in your […]

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Vegan Friendly Resorts & Lodges

Have you ever felt like going on vacation and being able to eat vegan food without any worries? Sounds good right? One problem, most resorts or lodges aren’t vegan friendly. That means that you still have the problem of always worrying about whether the food you are eating contains animal products. That is until now. […]

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25 Inspirational Photos of Eastern Europe

My husband and I went on a trip to Eastern Europe for our first time and boy, were we in for a surprise! Not only does each of the countries we visited have a beautiful natural landscape, but the architecture, culture and the food was fantastic. We visited Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro and Bosnia & Herzegovina. […]

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