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5 Netflix Documentaries That Are A Must See

I have to give all of the credit to Netflix. They are the reason I became vegan. I was watching a documentary called Food Choices. After watching the film, I decided right then and there, I was changing the way I eat. At first, it was just for the health benefits. The health benefits alone […]

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Vegan Friendly Cereals You Can Find In Any Grocery Store

We all love cereal right? Vegans have to keep an eye out though for what specific cereals they can and can’t eat. I put a list together of certain cereals that I have found myself to be vegan friendly. The list contains all cereals that you can typically find in any grocery store. What are […]

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Coffee Creamer: Is Non-Dairy Really Vegan?

Are you like me and require coffee creamer in your coffee? When I became vegan, I found out that coffee creamers such as International Delight are non-dairy. It made me so happy, because I love coffee creamer in my coffee. Several months later though, I read more into these non-dairy coffee creamer’s ingredients. There is […]

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Vegan Cheat Sheet-10 Plant-Based Proteins

I’ve had more people than you can imagine ask me what I eat for protein since I don’t eat meat. I’ve come to the conclusion that the majority of the population believes meat is the only way to obtain protein. I’m not saying it’s their fault for believing that, I used to be one of […]

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