February 2019


Bryan Anthonys Jewelry Review

I stumbled upon Bryan Anthonys’ jewelry on Instagram and instantly fell in love. They have a wide variety of jewelry from necklaces and chokers to rings and bracelets. What stood out to me the most are the beautiful meanings behind each piece of jewelry. I was able to snatch up some of their 14k gold […]

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Dairy-Free Milk Alternative-Ripple Milk Review

What’s the first dairy-free milk alternative that you think of? Is it almond milk or soy milk? I know that’s what I think of. There are so many more dairy-free alternatives available now though. One includes Ripple, a pea protein based dairy-free alternative. Have you tried it before? I love Ripple milk for several reasons […]

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Vegan Valentine’s Day Chocolates

Vegan Chocolate Looking for something sweet to satisfy that sweet-tooth this Valentine’s Day? Grab some dark chocolate from Endangered Species Chocolates. I came across their chocolates and thought they’d be worth trying out. Although not all of their chocolates are vegan, most of the dark chocolates definitely are. If they are vegan, they’ll have a […]

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Vegan Valentine’s Day Dinner Ideas

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How to Make a Vegan Chocolate Fondue Platter

Stay in this Valentine’s Day with that special someone (or by yourself, no judgment) and enjoy the night eating vegan chocolate fondue. I know I will be. Vegan Chocolate Fondue Making the vegan chocolate fondue platter is simple. All you need for the actual fondue is dark chocolate chips (make sure they are dairy free) […]

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