Vegan Brand Review-My Favorite Espinache Products

April 18, 2018

Espinache is an all organic, vegan hair & body care line that revolves around one green vegetable, spinach. They found that spinach has so many health benefits, why not add it to all of their products? They are a small, locally owned company based out of Philadelphia, PA. (originally New Jersey). However, they ship anywhere in the U.S. so everyone can still use their products!

I want to share with you my ultimate favorites from Espinache and what you can use them for!  

My ultimate favorite Espinache products are…..drum roll please…..

(SPIN) Mist Hydrating Dry Oil

This oil is one of a kind. It’s made with  spinach, pumpkin, apricot and chia seed oils. It smells heavenly! I use it on my hair for a nice shine, helps hydrate as well as helps fight fly aways. 

I also use it on my skin after shaving. It feel phenomenal and gives your skin the ultimate hydration boost that it needs, no matter what season it is. 

Also….I obviously don’t have a beard, but it’s an amazing beard oil. My husband uses it on his and he loves how it makes his beard feel by keeping it hydrated and makes it smell amazing! 

(SPIN) Fuse Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is amazing. Have you tried it, whether it be for cooking or for external use? The (SPIN) Fuse Coconut Oil has more than just coconut oil in it though. It also has….yup, you guessed it…spinach seed oil! 

The oil doesn’t really have a smell to it. It melts in your hands, which makes it easy to apply to hair and skin. 

I use the (SPIN) Fuse Coconut Oil for many things. On the very top of the list is using it as a makeup remover. Yes, it’s an all natural makeup remover with zero chemicals. Great, right? I will say because coconut oil can clog drains, I recommend doing what I do and wiping the coconut oil off with a towel before actually rinsing your face off and using a face wash. No one wants a clogged drain, now do they? 

I also love Espinache’s Coconut Oil for my hair. I typically will put the oil on the lower half of my hair once a week as a hair hydrating mask. Apply it to the bottom half (not upper half so hair won’t end up looking oily) and put your hair into a bun. I usually sleep in it overnight in the bun and then wash it in the shower the next morning. It does the hair wonders! 

Last on the list of my ultimate favorites is:

(SPIN) Suds Bars (Green Light & Bonfire)

If you love bar soaps, you’ll love these. The Green Light Suds Bar is primarily made for spinach, coconut oil and oatmeal. It has a very nice clean fragrance to it (not super strong though). The Green light fragrance consist of kelp, oakmoss and wild orchid.  It makes you feel like you are in the green meadows…aahhh love it!

The Bonfire Suds Bar is made of the same ingredients (spinach, coconut oil and oatmeal), but has a completely different scent to it. If you love the smell of a bonfire when camping out, this one is for you. I absolutely love this smell. It smells like something that is geared more towards men. It has more of a masculine smell to it (one reason I LOVE it haha). I used it everyday until it was gone. Both suds bars smell amazing, I can’t pick which one is my favorite. Oh and don’t let me forget to highlight that they both come with a natural mini loofah. Super adorable and definitely comes in handy. 

-To be honest, I love this soap so much that I’ve used it as my hand soap too….is that bad? 

Espinache has many other amazing products that you have to try as well including (SPIN) Therapy Moisturizer, (SPIN) Styler Flaxseed Gelly (amazing for curly hair), and fun scrunchies!! 

Overall: All of their products are very affordable. They ship it in an adorable box and I love how each of the products are personally stamped. 

Whether you are looking for a new vegan body and hair care line to try out or trying to find a Mother’s Day present, you have come to the right place!

Espinache was nice enough to give my readers a special code of 25% off any order over $25. Just use the code: GOVEGAN when checking out. Expires July 31st, 2018. 

Also, if you haven’t yet, sign up for their newsletter so you can know when they have up and coming deals going on. Sign up here

Let’s remember to support small specialized brands like Espinache, especially when they are vegan!

Have you tried out their products yet? 

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think! 

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