St. Louis Vegan Restaurant Guide

St. Louis may be known for their baseball team and for the beautiful Arch, but did you know that they also have a large variety of vegan friendly restaurants to choose from?

No matter if you are vegan or not, you should be able to go out and enjoy good food at a restaurant once in a while. When vegan however, it seems to be a common challenge to find a restaurant that has vegan friendly options to choose from. Here you will find a list of both 100% vegan restaurants as well as restaurants that at least have a few vegan friendly options to choose from on the menu all within the beautiful city of St. Louis. 

Note: I have not made it to all of the restaurants on the list yet. The list is created from my experiences as well as other St. Louis vegan’s recommendations.

Hope it helps! Enjoy!




















Hope this helps you enjoy eating out more!!! 

Love to hear from you in the comments if you have any more vegan restaurants in St. Louis for me to add to the list. 

15 thoughts on “St. Louis Vegan Restaurant Guide

  1. Add Mission Taco under Mexican! Great inclusive list, though! You caught a lot! Pieces Board Game Bar and Cafe also has options, including vegan baked goods

  2. Pizzeoli
    Genuinely baked
    Clementines naughty and nice
    Mission Taco
    Pi pizza
    Everest Cafe

  3. Pi is a great pizza place that offers plant based sausage, vegan cheese, and a vegan dessert.

  4. O.R. Juice and Smoothie – nearly the whole menu is vegan / vegetarian and they offer a whole lot more than just juices and smoothies.

  5. Great list! Hu Hot on Olive is Mongolian style and food is vegan friendly (all you can eat too!) Its buffet style when you pick your food and then its cooked in front of you on a grill.

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