Raw Pad Thai Salad

As part of the 7 Day Raw Vegan Challenge, I made this Pad Thai Salad for lunch every day. I bought a box of mason jars, filled each with this Pad Thai Salad (without the dressing) and sat it in the fridge. I took one everyday to work with me for lunch. It was perfect! I added the salad dressing in a separate small tupperware. According to what I had at the house and what my husband likes (he’s a picky eater), I made some adjustments to the original recipe.  I went without mushrooms, bean sprouts and jalapenos that the recipe called for.  I added raw cashews to the salad (instead of pistachios), and of course I had to add some fresh avocado to it. You can never go wrong with avocados! 🙂 Just don’t put the avocado in the mason jar or it’ll brown. It’s better to take the avocado with you to work and cut it open that day. The salad as a whole had a wonderful texture and flavor. Each day it still tasted very fresh, even though I made it almost a week earlier. Love mason jars! Find the recipe below. 

Find the recipe here.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! 🙂 

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