Kansas City Vegan Ramen-Komatsu

Who loves Ramen Noodles? ME ME ME!

When I heard about this place, I just had to give it a try. Located near the Westport district, the atmosphere and food is nothing I’ve ever had before. You walk in the front doors to this area that makes each booth almost feel like it’s a private room. I absolutely loved it! It definitely has a Japanese feel to it. 

When you look on the menu, they have Vegan Ramen! It’s #25 on the list.  It has corn, cabbage, enoki mushrooms, spinach, bean sprouts, green onion and soft tofu in it. YUM! It was amazing! I absolutely enjoyed my vegan ramen bowl and by the end, I was completely satisfied.  If I could say one thing though, it is that I hope in the future they will have more ramen bowl options to choose from for vegans. I’m not complaining though. I am extremely grateful they have an option for vegans. 

For the price, atmosphere, as well as the taste of the ramen, I’d definitely recommend giving Komatsu a try! 

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  1. If you are ever in Lawrence, check out Ramen Bowls. I really enjoyed the Green Goddess bowl.

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