Oklahoma City Vegan Guide

November 28, 2017

Guest post by: It’s Not Rabbit Food-Sarah Green

Hello, and welcome to Oklahoma City! When you think of Oklahoma, what comes to mind? BBQ, Bibles, Cows, and Hunting? You’d be spot on, if so. BUT…in the heart of Oklahoma City, there’s a growing vegan & plant-based movement. More restaurants are adding vegetarian and vegan options, and we even opened our first all-vegan restaurant this year, and it won an award for it’s mac’n’cheese……yeah, VEGAN mac’n’cheese held its own among dairy competitors.

Whether you live in or around OKC or you’re a vegan who has plans to travel to our great city in the future, I hope you find this Oklahoma City Guide to Vegan helpful!

The Loaded Bowl

If you have a friend who insists that all vegans eat is salad and vegetables, bring them here. The Loaded Bowl started out as a traveling food truck selling their signature cashew-based mac’n’cheese (yes, the one that won amongst dairy competitors!), and has morphed into a top notch 100% vegan comfort food spot! I highly recommend the Mashed Potato Bowl and the Cashew Mac!

(source: @theloadedbowltruck on Instagram)

The Red Cup

I tell my non-vegan friends that The Red Cup is the vegan version of Luke’s Diner from the Gilmore Girls series. It’s a no-nonsense, simple, locally-focused all-vegetarian diner. Although they do have many options that are made with dairy, they can make almost all of their menu items vegan! I highly recommend the Bagel & Lox, made with cashew cream cheese & carrot lox! Grab that for breakfast along with their organic & fair trade coffee, and you’re good to go.

(source: @thercinokc on Instagram)

Holey Rollers

Everybody likes donuts, right?! Vegan donuts are even better! Especially these vegan donuts. This is another restaurant that started out as a food truck here in the city and just recently opened up a brick & mortar location in the heart of the city. Holey Rollers is located in the Paseo Arts District (my favorite district in OKC!) and serves 100% vegan donuts (and many gluten free options as well!) along with coffee drinks and other non-sweet options, like English Muffin with Tofu. I’ve always been a cake donut fan, and never a fried donut fan, so I have to recommend the Apple Cider Cake Donut; however, my husband loves their classic fried donuts!

(source: @holeyrollers on Instagram)


The Wedge Pizzeria

This is the first spot on the list that doesn’t advertise themselves as a vegan or vegetarian restaurant, but they do have an entire vegan menu that is amazing. They have a large number of vegan options, ranging from flavorful salads to savory appetizers to entire pizzas! I highly recommend The Wedge Flatbread with cashew ricotta and pesto along with The Brandon.

(@thewedgepizzeria on Instagram)

Stone Sisters Pizza Bar

This sister-owned pizzeria is a brand new vegan spot in town! Although they are not a 100% vegan establishment, they have quite a few vegan pizzas on the menu, and many that actually have vegan cheese! Yes, the junky stuff. Not the cashew healthy stuff. Sometimes you just gotta splurge. The best part about this place is that they have vegan CONDIMENTS! They have vegan parmesan and vegan ranch!

(source: @stonesisterspizzabar on Instagram)

Elemental Coffee

This is my personal favorite coffee place in Oklahoma City! They have the best coffee I’ve ever tasted, and they have tons of vegan food ranging from muffins to donuts to full-on meals. Hands-down the best coffee shop to work from if you are a hungry, vegan, coffee snob (like me). My favorite food item is the Banana Walnut Cardamom Muffins. I’ve tried to replicate them at home, but I’m missing some secret ingredient! They’re the best paired with a hot cup of fresh coffee!

(source: @elementalcoffee on Instagram)

Wheeze the Juice

Yes, you heard me right. Wheeze the Juice! This one’s for all the health nuts with an edge. This place is so much fun to go to because everything is 90s themed and it’s located in OKSEA, which is a building made out of shipping containers in downtown OKC! The décor, the names of the juice blends, the music…it’s a millennial dream. In addition to juice blends, you can also buy their in-house nut milks! They have vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. The strawberry flavor is my favorite, but I was a sucker for strawberry milk growing up! Fun tidbit: they grow a lot of their own herbs & leafy greens for smoothies & juices right outside their front door!

(source: @wheezeokc on Instagram)

Picasso Café

Picasso was one of the first restaurants I became obsessed with when I first moved to OKC! For one, it was conveniently located in my favorite district, Paseo Arts, but mostly it’s because it was one of the first places I found that had quite a few vegan options that weren’t just sides or a big salad! Their veggie burger is actually great (just ask for no Aioli), and they’ll make most menu items vegan for you if it can be done! The Quinoa Tacos are my favorite, but I’m dying to try the Kung Pao Cauliflower. I also heard they recently added a vegan pulled pork sandwich to the menu along with a vegan pho!

Goro Ramen

Ramen is another one of my favorite foods because it’s just so comforting and delicious. Goro Ramen is a newer restaurant in the Plaza District of OKC, and although it’s not a vegan or vegetarian restaurant, they do have a few noteworthy vegan options, such as the Vegan Ramen with Tofu or many of their appetizers and sides.

(source: @gororamen on Instagram)

The Press

This spot is only 2 weeks old! I tried it for the first time last night, and it did not disappoint. The Indian Tacos were amazing, and my husband got the vegan burger, which comes with…..wait for it….vegan mayo! Most restaurants that carry vegan burger options just have a plant-based patty, and they call it good. I very much appreciate when a restaurant provides vegan condiments! I am also 99.9% sure that the patty they use is The Beyond Burger. A+. My friend got the Vegan Dumpling Soup, and said it was perfect!

Other noteworthy vegan-friendly spots:

For more information on vegetarian and vegan options in Oklahoma City or in your own home town, download The Happy Cow app from the app store!

Well, guys…I’ve loved getting to show you a little bit of the city I call home! If you didn’t know that OKC was super vegan-friendly before, now you do, and you have all the more reason to come visit and try all of our amazing food.

More About The Guest Blogger

Hi, I’m Sarah Green! I’m a vegan blogger living in Oklahoma City. I first went plant-based in 2014, and decided to fully transition to veganism (beauty, fashion, and all!) in 2017. On my blog, “it’s not rabbit food,” you’ll find lots of vegan food (of course!) ranging from my own original recipes, to other blogger’s recipes that I #veganized, to “what I ate today” blogs where I share ideas for vegan meals! In addition to food, I’m also passionate about animal welfare and living in harmony with other species, so I love to write about sustainability, habitat destruction (& restoration!), ethical consumerism, minimalism, and the zero-waste lifestyle! Being a vegan to me means causing as little harm & doing as much good as I can for all species, not just humanity. I hope to also include more posts in the future about diversity in the vegan community & body positivity!

Other fun facts about me: I’m a full-time interior architect & certified yoga teacher (can you tell I have a lot of hobbies?!). My husband & I care for two rescue dogs & two rescue kitties (Cash, Austin, Dave, & Izzy), and yes, it’s chaotic, but they’re so worth it! Thank you for checking out my guest post with VEGAbilities, I hope you enjoyed it! Be sure to check out her guest post on It’s Not Rabbit Food, coming soon! 




  1. Comment by Sasha

    Sasha Reply January 6, 2018 at 12:43 am

    Great list! First place should be a tie with Nourished Food Bar in Carnegie building primarily because it is not exclusively high carb comfort food. They have the best soups including dairy free lentil and butternut squash. Other excellent pizza places include Knuck’s Wheelhouse on the Bricktown Canal, which has a fabulous Mediterranean/veggie pizza and also Joey’s pizza in Film Row. Native Roots Market deli (inside towards the back of the grocery) in Deep Deuce has vegan and vegetarian items made to order or fresh in the case.

  2. Comment by Katie Long

    Katie Long Reply August 8, 2018 at 3:14 pm

    OMG, THANK YOU! This article is so helpful. <3

  3. Comment by Tim A Wagner

    Tim A Wagner Reply January 18, 2019 at 10:53 pm

    Good Afternoon,

    I’d like to add a fast-casual restaurant to the list that many people may not be aware of when it comes to Vegan alternatives…. I am the Regional Director for Freebird’s World Burrito in the Oklahoma market and we have recently introduced Beyond Meat as an option for our Burritos and Burrito Bowls. I am very passionate about this product and hope to see it gain some momentum. It is seasoned very similarly to our Ground Beef, then sautéed with Olive Oil and fresh diced Onions and Fried Potatoes. The end product is amazing and allows those who prefer and/or require a Vegan diet to enjoy some of our Mexican and TexMex flavors! I look forward to seeing this become a staple for our restaurants and look forward to any feedback.


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