5 Netflix Documentaries That Are A Must See

August 30, 2017

I have to give all of the credit to Netflix. They are the reason I became vegan. I was watching a documentary called Food Choices. After watching the film, I decided right then and there, I was changing the way I eat.

At first, it was just for the health benefits. The health benefits alone are a great reason to go vegan. The longer I withheld eating animal based products, the more I saw the bigger picture. I saw how animals were being treated in the meat and dairy industries. I realized that being vegan means more than just being healthy. It’s giving animals the rights they deserve.

Here are 5 documentaries on Netflix that I highly recommend watching. I will note that not all of the films directly support the vegan community. However, they show how corrupt the meat and dairy industries are.

1. Food Choices

This one is probably pretty obvious since this documentary is the reason I became vegan. They examine the diet of the world and show how the food choices people make can cause major health issues. Not only do they speak about health in the film, but also the causes of climate change. I highly recommend watching this documentary if you haven’t yet. It’s an 1 h 31 m long.  


2.  Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret

The documentary explains how the world’s natural resources are being obliterated by one factor that major environmental groups are ignoring-the farming industry. I really enjoyed watching and believe it’s very educational. This film is 1 h 30 m long. 


3. What The Health

Interested in understanding the connection between diet and disease? If so, this documentary is for you. It explains how corrupt the healthcare, pharmaceutical and food industries are. It’s definitely worth the time watching. This film is 1 h 32 m long. 



4.  Food, INC.

This is a very well known film, as it has been out since 2008. It is a Oscar-nominated documentary, directed by Robert Kenner. It looks at the detrimental effects the food industry has put on human health and the environment.  This film is 1 h 33 m long. 


5.  Live and let Live

This documentary is a tad different than the others on the list. It is a film that shows interviews with normal day to day people from around the world that are vegan. It explains why these individuals decided to go vegan and their story. Some of these individuals include a restaurateur and an Olympic cyclist, which is very intriguing to me. Great watch if you have the time. This film is 1 h 20m long.



Warning: In all of the documentaries, there are gruesome scenes that have made me look away. I can’t handle seeing animals tortured or killed.  However, I do believe watching these films reconfirms why being vegan is so vital. Every time I watch one of these documentaries, it puts a fire in my heart even more than before to let everyone know why becoming vegan is so important.

What’s your take on these films? Did any of them help you transition to a vegan like it did for me? If so, I’d love to hear your story!

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