Top 3 Vegan Restaurants in Kansas City

June 2, 2017

Kansas City is a pretty fun town to live in, if I say so myself. The community is growing rapidly with more and more restaurants opening up that are vegan friendly. Here are 3 vegan restaurants that I have tried myself and would absolutely recommend.

Cafe Gratitude-This restaurant is AMAZING! It has breakfast, lunch and dinner, which makes it pretty easy to go to anytime of the day. It’s located downtown in the Crossroad District. They offer a little bit of everything-from Indian to Veggie Burger to French Toast. I have been to Cafe Gratitude multiple times and every time I would have to say that I’d give it a two thumbs up.

FUD-This is a very unique restaurant to stop by. Located downtown in the Crossroads District as well, FUD is a very tiny vegan restaurant. It has some pretty great food including a Jack Reuben sandwich made out of jack fruit. YUM! I’m not a HUGE salad person, so I didn’t care for the salads a whole lot there. They are just mainly kale or spinach with a few additional toppings. Overall though, their food is delicious.

Mud Pie Bakery and Coffee House-This place is so cool. I didn’t find out about it until a few weeks ago. It’s located downtown in the Westport District. It appears to be a house converted into a bakery. If you are like me and are always craving a pastry or something sweet to go with your coffee, this is the place to go. They serve excellent coffee as well as an abundance of vegan sweets/pastries.

Know of any other great vegan restaurants in the Kansas City area? Let me know!! I’m always up for trying a new restaurant out..especially if it’s vegan.

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  1. Comment by Elizabeth Small

    Elizabeth Small Reply February 8, 2019 at 5:15 pm

    Fud has been closed for at least a year.

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