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How to Make Packing for Your Next Vacation Easy

Vacation is supposed to be relaxing and enjoyable, but sometimes it can be stressful when you start the packing process. If you are anything like me, you’d rather be over prepared (taking your whole closet with you) than not have enough. This becomes a problem because you end up having way to much in your […]

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How to Keep Track of Your New Year Resolutions

Can you believe the year came and went already? My favorite part of starting a new year is the idea of starting off fresh with a clean slate. The idea of creating goals and actually achieving them. How do you keep track of your New Year’s resolutions? I feel that most people write them down, […]

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5 Vegan Cookbooks That’ll Make Life Easier

If you are as busy as I am, you don’t have time to make complicated dinners when you get home from work every night. I like to keep things simple. That’s why I thought it’d be beneficial to share with you my top five vegan cookbooks. The creators of these cookbooks understand that people don’t […]

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Vegan Brand Spotlight: Love, Beauty & Planet

*this post is not sponsored It’s not everyday when you find vegan brands that you fall in love with. When I do though, I plan to always share them with you. Love, Beauty & Planet is a company that produces incredible hair and body products. All of their products are: Vegan Cruelty free Ethically Sourced […]

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Salt Lake City Vegfest 2018

Have you had a chance to make it to a vegfest yet? Last year I had the opportunity to go to the Kansas City Vegfest and this year the Salt Lake City Vegfest. The SLC Vefest had so much going on! There were vegan vendors left and right, a wide array of vegan food trucks, […]

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Vegan Camping Recipes

If you are camping and need ideas of what to make when out in the middle of nowhere, look no further! Below is a list of vegan recipes that can easily be made over a campfire or grill. Hope it helps and enjoy!   CAMPFIRE DUTCH OVEN RECIPE: SPICED RED LENTILS   One Red Pot […]

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