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Vegan Valentine’s Day Chocolates

Vegan Chocolate Looking for something sweet to satisfy that sweet-tooth this Valentine’s Day? Grab some dark chocolate from Endangered Species Chocolates. I came across their chocolates and thought they’d be worth trying out. Although not all of their chocolates are vegan, most of the dark chocolates definitely are. If they are vegan, they’ll have a […]

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How to Make a Vegan Chocolate Fondue Platter

Stay in this Valentine’s Day with that special someone (or by yourself, no judgment) and enjoy the night eating vegan chocolate fondue. I know I will be. Vegan Chocolate Fondue Making the vegan chocolate fondue platter is simple. All you need for the actual fondue is dark chocolate chips (make sure they are dairy free) […]

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How to Make the Ultimate Vegan Chili Bar

Whether you are getting ready for a family gathering or game day, a vegan chili bar will save the day! Not only is it cheap and easy to throw together, but it’s also extremely delicious. How to get started Get started by figuring out the type of chili that you want to make. I went […]

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Washington DC Vegan Restaurant Guide

Welcome to the Washington DC Vegan Restaurant Guide.  Enjoy eating out as a vegan without always worrying about which restaurant will have something on the menu that you can eat. Below is a list of restaurants that are either 100% vegan or at least have a few vegan friendly options. Note: I have not made […]

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5 Vegan Cookbooks That’ll Make Life Easier

If you are as busy as I am, you don’t have time to make complicated dinners when you get home from work every night. I like to keep things simple. That’s why I thought it’d be beneficial to share with you my top five vegan cookbooks. The creators of these cookbooks understand that people don’t […]

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